CNC Laser Cutting Machine

CNC laser cutting machine, what is it?

A CNC laser cutting machine has a bench on which to load the sheets being processed. Above it runs a portal on which a laser cutting head is mounted.

By moving the three axes x, y, and z, the laser cutting head is moved with precision along the appropriate trajectories to obtain the desired cut.

Compared to other cutting technologies, it has a quick installation and working speed. Precision is excellent and the discarded material is minimal.

In a laser cutting machine, there is great efficiency and precision combined with high productivity.

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Metal laser cutting machine, what is it for?

The CNC laser cutting machine is mainly used in the industrial field for cutting metal sheets. It is often used for cutting, marking, and engraving plastics, wood, fabrics, food, glass, and much more.

In the industrial field, the laser cutting machine is used for the realization of precision carpentry with a low thickness (up to about 30 mm using a 25 kW generator).

On lower thicknesses, it is the winning choice compared to other cutting technologies.

The operation and parameters of sheet metal laser cutting machines

A laser beam is emitted from a source, deflected by a series of lenses, and emitted by a nozzle.

The produced laser beam is extremely concentrated and has a very high energy density.

This allows you to provide the right amount of energy that can cut through the metal.

A high-pressure gas jet helps to eliminate the molten metal and disperse it towards the bench below.

Fundamental is the balance of the main factors such as movement speed, torch-to-metal distance, focal length, pressure, and power.

The speeds and thicknesses depend on the technical characteristics of the system and above all on the power of the source.

Used or new cnclaser cutting machine? This is what is convenient

In the world of fiber laser, there are almost no used laser cutting machines because it is a relatively new technology. Often the used systems available on the market are not interesting because they are very obsolete as a technology.

As a result of state incentives, the second-hand market for this technology is currently non-existent.

The advantages of a laser cutting machine compared to other cutting systems

A CNC laser cutting machine has many advantages:

Precision, repeatability and quality

The final product will be clean and with edges free of residues, ready for subsequent folding and / or welding phases


Faster cutting technology if compared to plasma and oxy-fuel cutting


The waste is minimized since the kerf is slightly greater than the diameter of the laser beam, the high productivity lowers costs


100% automatable process and easily implemented in an automated production system together with other machines such as bending machines, automatic loading and unloading and semi-finished / finished product warehouses


Possibility of making cuts / incisions with high geometric complexity

CNC laser cutting machine: prices and convenience

The prices of the laser cutting machine are divided into 3 macro ranges:

Import plants
European builders
Big brands

The importing plants and the big brands in the market use proprietary components both for the laser generation and for the head.

The group of European manufacturers that have not developed their own generator integrates first-rate components, for most of the same market leaders (e.g. Ipg for the laser generator).

As a result, the prices line up quite a bit and the difference is in the mechanics, process knowledge, and after-sales.

Areas of application of the laser cutting and engraving machine

Laser cutting can be used in all industrial contexts. In particular, it is widely used in the production of metal parts intended for subsequent bending and welding processes.

The uses of this cutting technology continue to increase over the years.

The laser is used for cutting and marking objects of various materials.

In the field of industrial carpentry, there are more and more products obtained through bending and welding of metal sheets. Almost all of the semi-finished products in this case are produced using a laser cutting process.

Is it possible to buy online laser cutting?

The purchase of a laser cutting system is an investment above at least € 200,000. Furthermore, a laser cutting plant never works alone but together with other production plants such as bending machines.

The choice and purchase online of such a strategy are not recommended and advantageous. Each manufacturer is active in demonstrating its skills and references.

Finally, no machine is infallible: testing the attention during the sale of the company or visiting reference customers can also convey the attention and care in the after-sales.

Often the choice between fiber laser and used co2 laser is posed as an alternative. But even in this case, a new fiber plant is a winner for keeping operating costs such as energy and maintenance under control

What Promotec can do for you for fiber laser cutting machines

Promotec has been manufacturing fiber lasers since 2008 and is the second-largest manufacturer in Italy. In the 2008 edition of the most important international fair in Europe, euroblech in Hanover, Promotec was one of the 4 manufacturers to show a laser system.

The experience and the special applications developed give the customer the certainty that the proposed solution will be the best for him and not just one of the available.

The Xdream model is an example of an innovative solution that has become a standard for Promotec: a laser cutting machine that offers application flexibility unique in our market. It can be equipped with a laser, drilling machine up to 12 iso40 tools, or plasma with bevel technology.

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