Sheet metal laser cutting machine Xdream the perfect solution for large formats

Machine for precise and performing laser cutting for all needs

The Promotec cutting machines offer is completed by XDream, the technological combination that makes the most of laser, plasma, and drilling. XDream is a real machining center that meets the needs of those manufacturers that use various cutting techniques and want to combine them in just one machine.

The power of xdream

XDream features laser sources up to 15 kW and plasma generators up to 400 A, with the possibility of adding a 6-12 station ISO40 drilling head with automatic tool change.

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This model is available in various sizes, from 2.000×4.000 mm to 3.000×12.000 mm

More options like automatic pallet changers, loading-unloading systems, and sheet metal storage can be added. All this without compromising on dynamism and speed.

4 kW

Max power

1250 giri/min

Max spindle revolutions

36 mm

Max drilling diameter


Technical features of the xdream sheet metal laser cutting machine

Tool connection
ISO DIN 69872 – A

Spindle cone
ISO 40 DIN 69871

Nominal spindle torque
84 Nm

Max spindle torque
30 Nm

Tool storage

Automatic tool change

Tool locking/unlocking

Minimal tool lubrication
Integrated in the spindle

Max tapping diameter

Laser cutting systems with iso40 drilling unit

This application is able to do the principal punching operations (drilling, threading, and flaring), and it consists of a robust structure made of aluminum plates. Several elements are fixed on the structure to guarantee the movement and all the features of the unit.

The head is equipped with a motor spindle ISO 40 with 12 stations for 12 tools for drilling and threading.

The movement of the blank holder on the Z-axis is obtained with a double effect pneumatic piston. The blank holder avoids any accidental or cutting-torque-due movement of the piece to be drilled and ensures precision and depth of the drilling.

The ISO 40 motor spindle is mounted on a vertical slide with protected guides; the movement of the Z-axis is obtained with recirculating ball bearings, while the rotation to the spindle is given by a brushless motor in the front of the head.

A store for 12 tools complete with a control sensor to check for the presence of the tool is useful in the tool loading and pre-setting phase.

The blank holder is integrated with a blowing system to clean the supporting surface from any dirt, and with an external minimal lubrication system. The spindle is also equipped with minimal internal lubrication (air-oil) for tools with lubricating holes.


Xdream and CNC laser cutting machine – 2d numerical control

Our XDREAM is equipped with a numerical control developed and produced by ESAutomation, featuring an LCD 19” touch screen color monitor, and an HMI user-friendly interface, which includes all the plasma cutting functions. The CNC controls all the axes of the machine (X-Y-Z-U-A-B) including the laser generator and any additional W-Q-M-X1 axes and drilling.

The installed software manages all the information with alarm codes and dynamically controls the work processes. In this software all the technological tables of materials-thickness can be found – these are provided by the plasma generator manufacturer; more functions can be created and personalized.

A series of functions makes the machine extremely easy to use and almost entirely automatic and compliant with Industry 4.0 requirements.


Laser cutting head for high performance

On our XDREAM the new cutting head II-VI (HIGHYAG), model FSC BIMO Z, is installed.

Its main feature is the motorization of the lens and of the laser beam magnification.

This motorization allows the system to adapt to the thickness and material to cut in a totally automatic way by just changing the diameter of the nozzle: when the magnification is modified, the laser point diameter is able to cut thicker sheets.

The head is equipped with an integrated capacitive system to control the piercing and cutting heights, as well as with a sensor that comes as standard which detects any dirt on the lens glass protection, preventing any damage of the focal lenses in the head.

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Laser source for metal cutting

The laser sources that can be installed on our machine are fiber lasers with diodes.

The technical gases used to support the cutting head are oxygen and nitrogen.

The installed power goes from 1,0 KW to 14 KW. The sources are equipped with a chiller managed by numeric control and with the possibility of sequential marking and cutting piece by piece.

Automatic pallet changer

Our XDREAM is equipped with an automatic pallet changer to load and unload the cutting area.

The pallet table where the metal sheet is loaded has two layers with hydraulic lifting. The four cylinders that are used to change heights are guided, have flow control to synchronize the stroke upwards and downwards, and also have sensors to recognize the high and the low positions.

The cutting tables are moved by a chain motorized by a brushless motor with an absolute encoder and bevel-helical drive. This way, absolute precision, and high pallet-changing speed are ensured (estimated total cycle time: 40’). Underneath the pallet changer structure, two extractable tanks are present to collect smaller parts, residue, and scraps that may fall while moving the cut pieces.

Nesting software

Integrated system for creating machine coding with both manual and automatic nesting.


This cutting technology for laser, plasma, oxy, and water-jet cutting controls parameters, cutting paths, and rules for automatic operations for all the technologies enabled.

LIBELLULA CUT è in grado di affrontare le seguenti lavorazioni:

Two-dimensional drawing reading
DWG reading and writing
DXF reading and writing
Automatic, manual and dynamic manual nesting
Automatic and manual cutting technologies
Bevel cutting technology v, x, k, y
Automatic choice of drilling / countersinking / tapping
Automatic and manual handling of micro-joints
Handling of jumpers
Control of multiple of heads and of automatic packaging
Joint cutting with oxycutting
Library of cutting parameters
Library of icons
Library of metal sheets
Library of possible jobs
Printout of the completed job
Handling of multiple metal sheets
Three-dimensional representation of the icon

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