CNC plasma cutting machine

CNC Plasma cutting machine, what is it?

A CNC plasma cutting machine has a bench on which to load the sheets being processed. Above it runs a portal on which a plasma cutting head is mounted.

Plasma is a high-energy ionized gas.

By moving the three axes x, y, and z, the cutting head is moved with precision along the appropriate trajectories so as to obtain the desired cut.

The cut is performed by means of a plasma beam capable of separating the material bringing it to high temperatures.

It is also available in the bevel version, which allows performing inclined cuts avoiding subsequent processing steps.

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CNC plasma cutting machine, what is it for?

Plasma cutting is used in the industrial field for cutting metal components ready for subsequent processing steps. Its potential allows it to perform cuts on various thicknesses of material according to the chosen generator.

CNC Plasma cutting machine technology allows you to perform manual cutting, automatic cutting, 2d, and 3d cutting, marking, crimping, drilling operations.

The functioning and parameters of the CNC plasma cutting machine

A plasma beam is produced by passing gases through a nozzle and by firing an electric arc. The result is an ionized gas with very high energy.

This energy is transferred to the underlying material where the metal locally melts and is expelled from the work area also thanks to the gas flow.

During the ignition phase, a spark is released in the nozzle which generates a pilot arc.

Subsequently, the pilot arc comes into contact with the material to be cut, an electrical circuit is established with the plasma as a means of carrying current, which is why it is necessary for the sheet to be conductive.

Depending on the power of the generator, the metal being cut, and the gas used, there are different operating parameters.

The movement speed and the torch-to-plate distance are important as an optimal plasma flow is correlated to them.

For example, using 400 amperes it is possible to cut up to 80mm of material with speeds of a few hundred mm / min. By lowering the current, it is possible to cut thicknesses of a few millimeters, down to a minimum of 0.5mm in the case of mild steel, at speeds of 5000-6000 mm / min.

Used or new CNC plasma cutting machine? This is what is profitable

The used plasma cutting market is very widespread both “seen and liked” and revised with the integration of high definition generators and mechanical improvements. Quality plasma cutting machines maintain a value over time if with high-level mechanics and maintained over the years.

However, work environments, users, and thermal stress over the years inevitably affect even the best machines, in addition, today machines ensure simplicity from a control point of view, process precision, and repeatability. The new safety devices also allow moving with high rapid phases.
Considering in the investment the reduction of waste, the greater speed, the longer duration of the consumables, the better cutting quality (that reduces or cancels the recovery phase), and the incentives, buying a new cutting machine is an investment that can be recovered in a shorter period.

The advantages of a CNC plasma cutting machine compared to other cutting systems

Plasma cutting is a technology often chosen for its excellent balance of cut quality, speed, and cost.

For small thicknesses it is competitive with the laser, from 6 to 50 mm it is the best choice to perform a thermal cut by comparing it with laser, oxy-fuel, and waterjet.

The limit of the technology is the need to cut a conductive material, among them, we find mild steel, stainless steel, special steels such as hardox and domex, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.

Its advantages can be summarized as follows:


2d plasma cutting and 3d cutting, wide choice of technical gases, cutting of even very high thicknesses, fully automatable process


Excellent reliability and precision, excellent balance between quality, speed and costs, excellent edge weldability


Higher speed for thicknesses from 6 to 50 mm compared to laser and oxy-fuel cutting

Resistance to wear

There are no tools subject to wear as the cut takes place without contact. Simply replace the consumables in a simple way and in a few seconds

Low cost

It is economical compared to other cutting processes due to operational costs and speed

The areas of application of a CNC plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting is used in many industrial contexts, in particular it is widely used in the production of metal parts for subsequent drilling, tapping, bending and welding operations.

Plasma is used for cutting, crimping and marking of objects of various metals and thicknesses.

In the field of industrial carpentry, more and more products are obtained through bending, welding of metal sheets or bolted connections. It is therefore essential to combine the production with the appropriate cutting technology.

Plasma cutting is used in the field of metal carpentry, naval, civil / construction, in the transport industry, etc.

Is it possible to buy a CNC plasma cutting machine system online?

Currently, all goods are present online on platforms such as Alibaba or others. Usually, the goods on offer are Chinese imports or in any case low cost and with standard configurations.

However, in the national and European markets, purchases of this type are not present. A customer who already owns this type of machine knows how important reliability and after-sales are. A customer who approaches plasma cutting for the first time needs training for the investment to be profitable.

Medium-high level builders do not sell their systems online for commercial reasons (price exposure) and for technical reasons of responsibility as a builder: each customer has slightly different needs (spaces, operating methods, material management), technology has some intrinsic limits that must be explained (perpendicularity, consumable wear), finally, the customer does not always know the state of the art and is able to make the best technical decisions.

Online it is useful to have a product configurator to guide the customer in the first request for an offer, but it is always necessary to follow a technical-commercial inspection.

CNC Plasma cutting machine: prices and convenience

Plasma technology is economically interesting both in the investment phase and in the production phase. An alternative for high thicknesses (from 50 mm) is oxy-fuel cutting which, however, is very slow and has a large flame that melts a lot of material and ruins the grating.

For thicknesses between 8 and 20 mm of iron, the laser increases the precision and the kerf is reduced. To cut at low pressures, oxygen is required, however, this cut is strongly influenced by the quality of the material both inside and on the surface. Alternatively, it can be cut in nitrogen with a very negative focus on the surface. In this mode, cutting is very expensive in terms of nitrogen consumption (the same goes for aluminum and thick stainless steel).

To date, plasma cutting compared to high technologies has a very short roi and combined on the same machine with other technologies such as the drilling machine is able to optimize production and generate important economic flows.

What Promotec can do for you

Promotec is a system builder but also a consultant: our company in all its areas is focused on supporting the customer in the decision-making process of selecting the best technology. The customer may have different production needs. The reasons may be a management of the flow of particular material, reduced spaces in the workshop, more or less functional sheet loading methods, prospects for the evolution of the future company, positive or negative experiences with some solutions in the past.

Promotec integrates the most innovative technologies. The company builds a partnership relationship with its suppliers and also offers to be a test product for any new supplier developments and innovations. Internally we have the mechanical, electrical, electronic, and process knowledge to support integration with our machines. Being a brand with historicity and an important installed fleet, customers give us credit for trying these solutions together.

Another channel in this direction is the collaboration with the University of Padua and external engineering to receive the best opportunities or technological solutions from other fields.

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