Fast, simple and precise CNC plasma cutting table

Kpro CNC plasma cutting, high performance for many sectors

KPRO is the ideal machine for working areas up to 2.000×6.000 mm with vertical CNC plasma cutting with a standard capacity of up to 25 mm or of up to 50 mm in heavy-duty.

The characteristics of this plasma cutting machines are:

The installed planetary gearboxes have reduced backlash and low noise.

Racks and pinions with helical teeth guarantee high precision in all movements.

Linear guideways and rails have circular-arc contact and manual lubrication for precise and low-noise translation.

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Professional CNC plasma cutting – technical characteristics of the machine


50 m/min


50 mm MS


Main features

Manual metal sheet trimming function

Additional internal-external compensation function

EDS (Edge Depth Size): automatic reference for the prompt adaptation of the program to the actual position of the sheet. This contactless measurement ensures that the sheet is not subject to scratches due to any contact sliding

Hypertherm TRUE HOLE® technology (with automatic gas console only)

EDS (Edge Depth Size) to detect the pierce height without any contact

TELESERVICE connection

Possibility of connecting the machine through the software to the technical office for continuous monitoring and production reports (optional)

EDS technology

This high-precision laser-measuring system called EDS is designed to automatically calculate the position of the metal sheet and its nesting and to detect the piercing height to start cutting without touching the sheet.

This is recommended for sheets where there is no electrical contact

  • with stainless steel, aluminium with protective film
  • with coated or oxidized metals

EDS dramatically reduces metal positioning time and piercing height adaptation.


CNC Plasma cutting and the gantry structure

This model comes with a gantry structure, designed and verified by FEM analysis.

This solution improves the performance of the machine in terms of mass and dynamics. The characteristics and performances of the generators that can be installed on KPRO, that can either be AIR or HD plasma, are integrated into the NC, specifically developed
for thermal cutting.

The structural base is sectioned into modules that, on the side, have a suction conduit equipped with opening/closing partitions. Every partition is connected to a pneumatic cylinder fed by a solenoid valve in the back of the machine (pneumatic panel).


The cnc numerical control for plasma cutting operation

KPRO is equipped with an LCD 19” touch screen monitor. The CNC controls all the axes of the machine (X-Y-Z), including the plasma generator with its gas console and any additional axis.

In the installed software, technological tables of materials- thickness can be found – these are provided by the plasma generator manufacturer; more functions can be created and personalized.

The software interface makes the machine extremely easy to use, optionally implementable
with Industry 4.0 requirements.


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Axis and guide motorization for CNC plasma cutting machine

KPRO has highly dynamical motorization of the axes for performances that meet the speed and acceleration requirements of the plasma generators manufacturers.

The installed planetary gearboxes have reduced backlash and low noise; together with the racks and pinions with helical teeth, they guarantee high precision in all movements.

Guideways and rails have circular-arc contact and manual lubrication for precise and low-noise translation. The axes are equipped with safety software and electromechanical limit switches.


Nesting software for plasma cutting: libellula wizard


Our LIBELLULA WIZARD software can manage the following functions:

Two-dimensional drawing reading
DWG reading and writing
DXF reading and writing
Automatic, manual and dynamic manual nesting
Automatic and manual cutting technologies
Bevel cutting technology v, x, k, y
Automatic choice of drilling / countersinking / tapping
Automatic and manual handling of micro-joints
Handling of jumpers
Control of multiple of heads and of automatic packaging
Joint cutting with oxycutting
Library of cutting parameters
Library of icons
Library of metal sheets
Library of possible jobs
Printout of the completed job
Handling of multiple metal sheets
Three-dimensional representation of the icon

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