CNC Plasma cutting

CNC Plasma cutting: what is it about?

CNC plasma cutting is a widely used method due to a good balance between quality, speed, and cost of cutting.

With a CNC plasma cutting process, the metal is separated bringing it to the melting point through a plasma beam.

A plasma system includes:

a generator, i.e., a dc constant power source
a torch
an arc starting circuit

There are both small generators for manual torches and large generators for industrial pantographs capable of cutting very high thicknesses.

With a plasma cutter, it is possible to cut conductive materials such as

mild steel
stainless steel
special steels such as Hardox and Domex

A CNC plasma cutting finds application in various fields, from industrial to agricultural, from aeronautics to construction.

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CNC Plasma cutting: this is how it works

A plasma beam is produced by passing gases through a nozzle and by firing an electric arc.

Plasma is considered the fourth stage of matter as it is an ionized gas with very high energy.

This energy is transferred to the underlying material, where the metal locally melts and is expelled from the work area by the gas flow.

During the ignition phase, a spark is released in the nozzle which generates a pilot arc.

Subsequently, the pilot arc comes into contact with the material to be cut and an electrical circuit is established with the plasma as a means of carrying current.

There are different gases and mixtures of them to cut different materials and thicknesses in the best way.

The advantages of CNC plasma cutting

The advantages of plasma cutting are many


2d plasma cutting and 3d cutting, wide choice of technical gases, cutting of even very high thicknesses, fully automatable process


Excellent reliability and precision, excellent balance between quality, speed and costs, excellent edge weldability


Higher speed for thicknesses from 6 to 50 mm compared to laser and oxy-fuel cutting

Resistance to wear

There are no tools subject to wear as the cut takes place without contact. Simply replace the consumables in a simple way and in a few seconds

Low cost

It is economical compared to other cutting processes due to operational costs and speed.

These aspects make a plasma cutting machine a valid alternative to laser, oxy-fuel, and waterjet cutting for thicknesses ranging from 6 to 50 mm.

The plasma cutting machines produced by Promotec mount a new portal designed to minimize the masses while maintaining the right stiffness.

The applications of plasma cutting

Promotec’s plasma cutting machines offer a product with all the requirements that can perform the operations just mentioned.

Thanks to its characteristics and its advantages compared to other technologies, plasma cutting is used for various operations, in particular:

Manual cutting
2d cutting
Bevel cut

The types of plasma cutting

There are different types of plasma cutting that differ in the method by which they produce the beam.

Single flow plasma: uses a single gas that produces and cools the plasma
Double flow plasma: uses two gases, one for plasma and one for protection;
Double shielded flow plasma: allows electrical insulation of the nozzle relative to the molten metal return
High-definition plasma: narrow arc and high energy density, reduced kerf

To apply a torch on an industrial pantograph it is necessary to use a high-definition plasma for maximum performance and reduced waste.

CNC plasma cutting: the use of gases

Technical gases are of fundamental importance.

Used when cutting, they make it possible to optimally cut a wide range of materials.

The gas, in addition to generating the plasma, acts as a protection for the plasma and for the arc.

The right gas must be chosen according to the material, thickness and desired quality results.

The gases available and used are:

Air: good speed and quality on carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Reduces operating costs
Oxygen: excellent quality and speed on carbon steel
Nitrogen: excellent on aluminium and stainless steel for modest thicknesses, excellent cutting quality and durability of consumables, often used as protection when using oxygen to increase the life of consumables
Argon hydrogen (h35): excellent for aluminium and stainless steel with high thickness, it provides a smooth and straight cutting surface
Nitrogen hydrogen (f5): generally used with low amperages on stainless steel

Promotec CNC plasma cutting machines

Promotec offers a range of plasma cutting machines capable of satisfying multiple customer needs. We have designed a portal with an optimal mass-stiffness ratio, reducing the waste of material, gaining performance such as speed and acceleration.

High reliability, precision, lightness, and performance accompanied by tailor-made solutions make Promotec the ideal partner for your company.

Plasma cutting machines or combined machines are available.
Combined machines can offer, in addition to the plasma cutting head, a drilling module, an oxy-fuel head, or a laser cutting head.

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