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Plasma Cutting

KPro: the matchless solution for plasma cutting precision and speed.
Its compact structure and high-quality components that give dynamism, together with an NC specific for thermal cutting, make KPro the ideal machine for working areas up to 2.000×6.000 mm and with a cutting capacity of 25 mm.
KPro uses prismatic guideways with circular-arc and double rails both on the X and the Y axes, together with a helical pinion-and-rack-system to ensure precision with high positioning speed. The gantry moves thanks to an electrical system that comes with brushless motors and a precision reducer.
The supporting table has a monolithic structure with sectioned tanks for partialized suctioning and with a supporting frame with replaceable slats.

Automatic head height control (BHC)

This system determines the position of the metal through an ohmic contact and maintains the distance between the torch and the sheet thanks to the reading of the arc voltage by the internal CNC. The torch support is equipped with a reactive anti-collision system that promptly stops the cutting. Thanks to a high-precision mechanics, the torch is automatically re-positioned perpendicularly to resume working.

Numeric control

KPro is equipped with an NC especially developed for the 2D plasma technology. The NC uses an industrial computer with Windows embedded operating system and comes with a TFT LCD15’’ touch screen.
The interface has been developed to let the operator verify all the parameters in a simple and intuitive way thanks to a parametric library to optimize the cutting process.

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The best CAD / CAM software for your machine
Libellula[CUT] is a system of nesting and programming for every kind of cutting machines. It is equipped with algorithms for optimize all kind of cutting technology. The efficiency of nesting is also very important for plasma and oxy cutting machines. In particular the software includes all the algorithms for multi-torch machines with manual and also automatic packaging. Libellula[CUT] is able to manage every kind of bevel cut (single, double and triple) full automatically and it allows to optimize the cutting paths in order to minimize the cost of consumable components that, in these kind of technologies, have an important factor.
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