CNC oxy cutting machine

CNC oxy cutting machine, what is its purpose?

A CNC oxy cutting machine has a bench on which to load the sheets being processed. Above it runs a portal on which ahead for the oxy-cutting is mounted.

The cutting of oxy-fuel sheets is performed by exploiting the presence of carbon in the material and its reaction in contact with oxygen at high temperatures.

By moving the x, y, and z axes, the cutting head is moved with precision along the appropriate trajectories so as to obtain the desired cut.

It is also available in the bevel version, which allows you to make inclined cuts avoiding subsequent processing steps.

It is possible to mount more than one oxy-fuel torch on the machine portal in order to increase its productivity

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Oxyfuel plant, what is it for?

Oxyfuel is used in the industrial field for cutting metal components ready for subsequent processing steps.

Its potential allows it to perform cuts on various thicknesses of material in accordance with the power of the system and the gas pressures.

Plasma cutting technology allows performing manual cutting operations, automatic cutting, 2d, and 3d cutting.

For thicknesses above 50 mm it is more efficient than plasma cutting.

The operation of the sheet metal CNC oxy cutting machine

During the first phase, the metal is heated usually by an acetylene flame. Once at the right temperature, it continues with the second phase, the one of cutting.

During the second phase, a high-pressure jet of oxygen penetrates the material, making the cut and letting the molten metal leakage from the cut area.

The cut is made possible thanks to the exothermic oxidizing action of oxygen which, in contact with the metal, has the right carbon content.

This action releases more heat and by combining this effect with the high pressure of oxygen, the material breaks through.

Once the material has been broken through along its entire thickness, you proceed with the actual cut following the desired profiles.

Used or new CNC oxy cutting machine? This is what is profitable

The used oxyfuel market is very large and widespread. The investment for both new and used is relative compared to other solutions in our portfolio.

With an oxy-fuel system, you can simply make strips or even complex operations with important thicknesses.

The oxy-cutting process is slow so very often the operator does not follow it visually: during the cutting phase he carries out other workshop operations.

However, the margin of error is very small: making a mistake in an oxyfuel piece can correspond to a loss of thousands of euros.

The customer knows the value of this process and its centrality in its production line.

The advantages of an CNC oxy cutting machine compared with other cutting systems

Oxy cutting is a mandatory choice if you want to cut metal with a high thickness, where plasma is not always advantageous.

For lower thicknesses, it is not convenient compared to a plasma cut. But if you want a flexible machine capable of cutting higher sheets, oxyfuel is the best choice.

Despite this, the technology allows cutting only materials containing carbon. Among them, the best known are the classic structural steel.

Its advantages can be summarized as follows:


The only technology capable of cutting important thicknesses;


Compared to other thermal cutting processes, the equipment is cheaper and prepares the products for the subsequent welding phases. The oxidizing action of oxygen sometimes may require processing of the cutting area


Both torches are available for manual cutting and for automatic cutting by means of a pantograph

Resistance to wear

There are no tools subject to wear as the cut takes place without contact. It is sufficient to replace the consumables in a simple way and in a few seconds

The fields of application of the CNC oxy cutting machine

Very popular are torches for manual cutting with which to dismantle heavy steel products and then recycle those materials.

For this reason, the technology is widely used in the demolition and recycling of heavy steel components in the civil, construction, naval and mechanical sectors.

By applying the oxy-fuel torch to a numerically controlled machine, a completely automatable process is obtained.

Through oxy-fuel it is possible to cut metals that contain a percentage of 0.12 to 0.25 of carbon.

Among them, the best known and most used are general construction steel and mild steel, molybdenum or chromium-molybdenum steel, cor-ten steel, and abrasion-resistant creusabro steel.

Is it possible to buy CNC oxy cutting machine online?

Buying a machine of this type online is usually not recommended.

CNC Oxy cutting machine: prices and convenience

A high-level oxy-fuel cutting system settles between € 100,000 and € 200,000.

For a manufacturing company, it is an investment net of incentives that are amortized in about 2 years.

The oxy-cutting system offered by Promotec is particularly suitable for a production that fully exploits the hours of processing that can be performed with the oxy-fuel system.

What promotec can do for you for sheet metal oxy-fuel

An oxy-fuel cutting system works on heavy loads and requires mechanics and technical assistance up to this use. They are therefore two decisive elements for the decision of this investment.

The analysis of thermal and mechanical loads combined with customization based on the customer’s logistics has always been at the heart of the Promotec project. For example, sheet metal loading by forklift or overhead crane requires a different ground guide system, in which Promotec can show its experience by proposing different solutions.

The technology focuses on the control part in the breakthrough phase, in the ignition of the torch and the capacitive sensor.

During the breakthrough phase, the molten material leaks and must be managed in different phases to ensure that it does not damage the torch. The ignition of the torch is now internal and therefore safer and always managed by the NC.

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