Plasma cutting machine, oxycutting and drilling

Plasma, oxy and drilling: all in one!

KOMPACT is a high-precision plasma and/or oxy cutting machine that can have one or more 2D or 3D plasma heads and/or one or more 2D oxy heads.

It can be equipped with ISO40 drilling and tapping automatic system with 6 or 12 tools.

KOMPACT is designed to meet the needs of the market of medium-thickness metal sheets

KOMPACT is designed to meet the needs of the market of medium-thickness metal sheets:

Carbon steel

Stainless steel

Aluminum alloys

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Plasma cutting machine: how sheet metal cutting machines work

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Comes with a rugged gantry that moves on floor rails thanks to high-precision pinions and racks with helical teeth with impressive dynamism.

The cutting heads and the drilling systems slide over two-row guideways with recirculating balls and with rack and pinion.

The machine configuration can be completed with a motorised spindle for cutting round tubes up to 24’’ (600 mm).

The supporting structure is made of two sides structural elements welded and stabilized and of a beam portal, to ensure high rigidity.

The X-axis movement is ensured by two motors that work in Gantry under CNC control; their size is proportional to the overall mass in order to optimize the acceleration and obtain the right accuracy during the movement.

The machine also includes laser scanner sensors and/or photoelectric curtains.

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The versatility of our plasma cutting machine

All the machines are designed and realized in accordance with the EC existing rules and are equipped with marking and certificates of conformity.

Kompact is a machine conceived for sheet metal working, especially with technologies plasma and/or oxy cutting and/or drilling. This machine is suitable for those who cut outside parties and high-volume carpenters.

For this reason, Kompact is a highly innovative product that is able to satisfy the most demanding customers. It is made of a single welded element that can house up to 6 cutting heads either/and plasma or oxy, and/or one drilling head.

The ax’s movement is granted by two guides with circulating spheres moved by racks and pinions, by the use of brushless engines and gear motors with reduced backlash.

Kompact and workplace safety for sheet metal cutting

KOMPACT ensures high safety standards thanks to a laser system that detects if the operator enters a hazardous area.

This ensures the highest individual protection level even for such a high-speed and accelerating machine, meeting all the existing regulations.

This system operates on two levels:

the first alert visually and sonically warns the operator that the hazardous area is approaching
the second alert stops the machine because the area has been reached.

A key selector allows the machine to be used in service mode by our staff, in compliance with CE standards.

The cnc plasma cutting head

The 3D bevel cutting head is designed and built by our own technical office to offer strength, compact dimensions, and complete protection of the moving parts.

The 3D allows a +/- 50° rotation without losing any of our “BHC” (automatic head height control) advantages.

A sensor following any irregularities of the metal sheet is able to read the arc tension, transforming this value into the vertical axis motion, ensuring the constant distance between the cutting torch and the metal sheet.

The support of the torch is equipped with:

ohmic focusing device and with an anti-collision device to avoid any collision damage
two conveniently located sensors will warn the software to immediately block the machine

Included in the supply, the laser pointing is an accessory placed close to the plasma torch that projects a reference “cross” to the center (X, Y) and re-positions the metal sheet in a quick and easy way.


The axes that move the plasma cutting machine

The robust longitudinal axes are obtained from HE profiles and support the precision guides (in the lower part for protecting them against any damage and dirt) and the translation rack.

To ensure the right functioning, the machine requires a 15-20 cm concrete industrial floor with metal reinforcement.

The guides are fastened to the floor by plates and the interposition of adjustable spacers, which are very useful during the guide’s assembly process, which will be managed made by Promotec’s technicians.

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Drilling and tapping system for plasma cutting

Our KOMPACT can feature an ISO40 drilling/tapping system that can reach up to 35 mm drilling and M 28 tapping safely.

Solid and compact, the unit can drill, tap and flare, with externally sprayed lubrication.

The spindle axis is activated by a powerful brushless motor; the pneumatic blank holder, NC-controlled, ensures stability while operating.

All the parameters necessary to the operations are displayed on the NC and can be seen by the operator through a simple and complete graphic interface.

The movement of the blank holder on the Z axis is obtained with a double effect pneumatic piston.

The blank holder avoids any accidental or cutting-torque-due movement of the piece to be drilled and ensures precision and depth of the drilling.

The blank holder is integrated with:

  • a blowing system to clean the supporting surface from any dirt,
  • external minimal lubrication system

The spindle is also equipped with minimal internal lubrication (air-oil) for tools with lubricating holes.


Eds measuring system

On our KOMPACT with bevel head, a high-precision laser-measuring system called EDS can be installed to automatically calculate the position of the metal sheet and its nesting and to detect the piercing height to start piercing without touching the sheet.

The rich standard equipment of Kompact is completed by the innovatice EDS (Edge Depth Size) system that identifies the position of the metal sheet on the cutting table through a laser ray and allows the roto-translation of the program, not unlike laser machines.

This is very useful to detect heights in the case of the sheet where there is no electrical contact, as with stainless steel, aluminum with protective film, and with coated or oxidized metals.

EDS dramatically reduces metal positioning time and piercing height adaptation times.


Spindle for CNC kompact plasma cutting machine

KOMPACT can also optionally come with a spindle for cutting round tubes with a diameter of up to 24’’ (600 mm).

The tubes are gripped by three jaws and can be cut with either 2D or 3D bevel heads.

The tube cutting system is offered with a tube supporting structure during operations as well as dedicated suctioning.

Numerical control for the metal cutting plasma machine

The NC of KOMPACT is specifically developed for 2D and 3D plasma technologies, drilling, and tube processing. The NC uses an industrial computer with Windows embedded operating system and comes with a TFT LCD19’’ touch screen.

The interface has been developed to let the operator verify all the parameters in a simple and intuitive way thanks to a parametric library to optimize the cutting process.

The software is connected to our service department for any malfunctioning that may occur and is fully compliant with Industry 4.0 requirements.

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