Who we are

For over 20 years we have been building sheet metal working machines with laser, plasma, oxy-cutting and drilling technology.

We want to bring the best Made in Italy metalworking technology all over the world.

We manufacture our machines so that their value lasts over time.

Innovation is the engine of our work and we operate with the utmost transparency towards customers and suppliers.

We are pragmatic and collaborate with numerous university research centres to build an increasingly technological future, close to the needs of our customers

Our history

Promotec is the Italian reference production reality in the field of

Fiber laser machines for sheet metal and tubes

Laser and plasma cutting machines combined with drilling and oxycutting

Choosing Promotec means obtaining solid, complete and integrated solutions to modern production needs, through innovative and personalized proposals.

Born in the heart of Italian mechanics, it was the first company in Italy to apply combined technologies between fiber laser, plasma and drilling.
In addition, it was among the first in Europe to introduce the fiber laser cutting process.


In 2014 Promotec has been acquired by the Gigant Industries Group

A strategic operation that has allowed the relaunch of the business with a dual objective:

produce machinery that meets the customer’s needs
build partnerships with specialized suppliers

Since 2007 the company has been based in via Levico in Mestrino, in Veneto region.

Over the years, Promotec has received various acclaim in the field of cutting technology.

The company started using the more traditional CO2 technology. Later, it introduced the fiber laser cutting process.

This for a simple reason: Promotec has always given priority to the maximum engineering commitment and has always chosen the best materials to ensure high performance and durability. In this way, it has anticipated the times in terms of technological evolution and solutions for its customers.

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