Laser cutting tutorials and training

When to change consumables?

Before each cutting operation, it is advisable to carry out a visual inspection of the consumables in order to quickly identify any visible defects and damage. Also pay attention to burn marks or discolouration.

Generally, observing the surface of the cut, when you notice a deterioration in quality you are moving towards the end of the consumables’ life, but before replacing them, it’s advisable to check if the cutting parameters are correct.

Why does it cut badly?

Laser cutting can result unsatisfactory due to incorrect or not well-balanced cutting parameters; laser cutting is in fact very sensitive to the parameters set but once the right balance is found, an exceptional cut is achieved. Another factor may be the gas you are using, if you choose the right gas at the right pressure and at an adequate purity you won’t have problems

Finally, the status of the consumables should be checked periodically and the must be replaced when necessary.

What maintenance should I do? And when?

Before starting the cut, with the machine in safe mode, check that:

• There are no signs of burns or colour changes on the torch spare parts, in this case replace them;
• Check that the connections are tight;
• When necessary, empty the scraps collection drawers;
• Accurate control of the cables, especially those directed to the cutting head;
• Top up lubrication oil;
• Clean the guides of the X, Y and Z axes;
• Clean the racks of the X and Y axes;
• Clean the Z axis recirculating screw;
• General cleaning of the machine with a damp cloth.
For very detailed information, simply consult the manual provided at the time of installation or ask Promotec assistance service.

What consumables should I mount? Where do I buy them?

Consumables can be purchased directly from Promotec by contacting the assistance service. We always emphasize to our customers the importance of using original consumables to increase the cutting capacity and the lifetime of the cutting system.

Buying from Promotec means getting the right product quickly.

To understand which are the right consumables, just consult the laser cutting tables, they contain the product codes to communicate to Promotec, or alternatively, contact us to help you choose the right consumables.

What are the correct cutting parameters? Can I go faster?

In the manuals is available an indication on which parameters to set. The parameters of laser cutting are much more subject to alterations than other cutting technologies.

This feature means that a precise calibration of them is required when the machine is started up at the customer’s plant. A slight variation in the environmental and physical conditions of the system can mean that the previously correct parameters are no longer suitable for performing a good cut.

Promotec technicians, thanks to their experience, know how to find even with remote connection, the right set of parameters that allows to obtain an excellent cutting quality.

Increasing the cutting speed is not the correct solution to increase productivity. Productivity is achieved with the right set of parameters and consumables in good condition. Increasing speed would cause poor cut and shortened consumable life, both of which drastically reduce machine productivity.