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Promotec provides Customer technical assistance worldwide, in specific markets by technicians from partner companies. In this way it is possible to intervene at the customer’s plant by activating all the necessary actions quickly to solve the problem.

Machine inactivity is often linked to “incorrect” maintenance of the system; all this translates into a high economic expenditure for the owner of these plants. Furthermore, it often happens that machines that are not periodically checked end up increasing energy consumption levels, thus increasing the overall production costs. Systems that do not comply with the required safety standards often have very serious repercussions in the area of ​​workplace safety. During scheduled maintenance, numerous specific tests / checks are carried out to avoid malfunctions, due to accidental failures or a long inactivity of the machine.

In the Service area are available all the Technical, Functional and Regulatory upgrading services necessary to overhaul the dated systems, making them productive and updated again.

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