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XFLY Specifics
XFly is composed of a strong self-supporting steel gantry on which the runways and the X axis (lengthwise) are mounted; the Y axis (cross) is instead supported by an aluminium gantry to decrease weights and maintain high performances.
The installed planetary gearboxes have reduced backlash and low noise; together with the racks and pinions with helical teeth, they guarantee high precision in all movements and exceptional acceleration.
All the guideways are linear with circular-arc contact. The brushless motors of the axes are all equipped with absolute encoders and digital actioning that are CNC-managed, also remotely.

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The machine can be easily integrated with systems Pallet Change , Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems , or flattening lines from coil
The NC of XFly is specifically developed for the laser cutting of metal sheets and even tubes. The NC uses an industrial computer with Windows embedded operating system and comes with a TFT LCD15’’ touch screen. The interface has been developed to let the operator verify all the parameters in a simple and intuitive way with the possibility for the operator to modify the cutting parameters without stopping the machine. The software is connected to our service department for any malfunctioning that may occur and is fully compliant with Industry 4.0 requirements.
Laser source
The laser sources that can be installed on our machine are fiber laser with diodes. The installed power goes from 1000 W to 15000 W. We work with the main laser source producers in the world to be able to meet all our customers’ needs. We work with the main laser source producers in the world to be able to meet all our customers’ needs.
The cutting head
On our XFly a cutting head, supplied by the best manufacturers in the world, is always installed. This head is able to manage the installed power and to control the piercing and cutting heights (stand-off) thanks to a capacitive sensor that allows the system to adapt the focal distance to the thickness and material to cut in a totally automatic way. All XFly heads have a sensor that comes as standard which detects any dirt on the lens glass protection.
Automatic pallet changer
Our Xfly is equipped with a hydraulic automatic pallet changer that allows the processing of two metal sheets without the need of any operator. This system is interfaced to the CNC of the machine and to the cutting software. Its structure is designed to support the maximum available weight of the metal sheet in the given size.
On every XFly machine an automatic loading & unloading system can also be set up, even at a later stage.
the perfect combination
The best CAD / CAM software for your machine
Libellula[CUT] is a system of nesting and programming for every kind of cutting machines. It is equipped with algorithms for optimize all kind of cutting technology. Libellula[CUT] offers the automatic management of programming for every kind of laser machine, together with the perfect nesting efficiency. All the necessary algorithms for working with assisted or not assisted machines are included, as well as machines equipped with automatic load/unload systems, pallets changing, cells and also machines connected to FMS systems: for each of these situations Libellula[CUT] offers the best performance on programming.


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